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In the first half of the continued downturn in the shipbuilding industry in our countryHome >> News and information
In the first half of the continued downturn in the shipbuilding industry in our country
DateTime:[2015-6-8]    Browse the number: 431

Recently, DNV GL to Greece consulate general in Shanghai, jointly organized the third annual Greek shipping day. In view of the shipbuilding market downturn this year, DNV, said an official with the GL on small oscillation is influenced by market supply and demand, is both challenge and opportunity for China's shipbuilding industry.

"Order of the Greek shipowners shipyard in China accounted for 40% of its worldwide shipbuilding orders, in the majority with bulk carrier. Despite the downturn since this year, but is still in the risk control of small shocks, it is both challenge and opportunity." DNV GL east China area general manager of BNP Chiotopoulos says, "last year bulk prices rising" Indian summer "for the shipbuilding industry of China, this year the order back associated with bulk carrier market downturn. The transformation of China's shipbuilding in moving towards innovative manufacturing process, with the communication and exchanges between shipowners, can promote the shipping industry towards a more secure, more intelligent and more environmentally friendly direction."

It is understood that as the world's leading classification society, DNV GL technology and expertise covers all type of ship and Marine engineering unit, particularly with high added value and complex ship form for ship and Marine engineering products at various stages of the life cycle risk management services, including the classification, inspection and consulting services, etc.

Based on its efforts to advance ship construction and operation of the standard, DNV GL by numerous well-known companies in the industry including the Greek shipowners, shipbuilding project in our country, especially in the deep ocean engineering projects mostly choose classification DNV GL.

DNV GL, vice President and greater China general manager Torgeir Sterri said, "China and Greece have plays an important role in today's world shipping industry, DNV and GL, combined with a wider ground cover all ship and Marine engineering products and services, more profound technical expertise and more dense network service owner and shipyard."

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