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Forging association, council of large forgings of the fourth annual meeting held in taiyuanHome >> News and information
Forging association, council of large forgings of the fourth annual meeting held in taiyuan
DateTime:[2015-6-8]    Browse the number: 514

On May 25, 2015, large forgings countless docking exchange and the China association of forging large forgings council of the fourth annual meeting held in taiyuan in Shanxi Province.

According to the concept of industrial development and China's large forgings manufacturing and host form a complete set of production, large forgings (ForgeMaster) production mainly include steel, hydraulic press forging, heat treatment and mechanical processing integrated production. The lack of any a kind of technology can't called the big forging production, and should be free forging production. According to this concept, in fact in China there are more than 30 such large forgings production enterprise. In order to promote the development of large forging industry to understand the industry problems, seeking solutions, November 24th, 2011, China forging association large forgings industry enterprises in Beijing set up the "China association of forging large forgings council", strictly implement membership system, at present there are 13 members of the unit.

Large forgings, since the establishment of the council held four times his butt communication meeting. Communication meeting, large forgings (equipment manufacturing) among users - three big power companies, shipping companies, the electric power enterprise development direction, market, technology for large forgings industry had in-depth exchanges and research, arrogant forgings council since the first annual meeting, the member unit of closely linked to the user, bring new business to members of the unit. Listen to the enterprise on behalf of the leadership of the state ministries, related ministries and commissions have taken effective measures to promote the development of industry, for example, in first sets or product protection, import tax adjustment, etc.

Large forgings council, actively cooperate with the ministry promote the localization of Marine low speed diesel engine crankshaft blank, make enterprises win more policy support for large forgings, and also help some large forgings users looking for high quality suppliers. In addition, the large forgings council also help enterprises to win the anti-dumping, protect the enterprise scientific research and product markets, in promoting the localization of large forgings road taken a solid pace.

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